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Layaway Plans

Since Action Auto Sales does not do financing or buy-here-pay-here, we instead offer two
convenient options for purchasing a vehicle when the buyer may not have all the funds up front.

Option A: Traditional Layaway Plan

Our traditional layaway plan allows the buyer to make payments on a weekly or bi-weekly basis
for up to 90 days until the vehicle is paid off. The down payment should be the most that the
buyer can afford, with the minimum being $500.00 to start the program. We will work with the
buyer to select a vehicle that you can pay off in that amount of time. We will also work out the
amount and how often payments will need to be made in order to pay off the vehicle on time.
You can always add additional money to your payments to pay the vehicle off sooner if
you would like without penalty. All money paid to Action Auto Sales with this program is considered
non-refundable. If the buyer decides not to continue to pay or fails to make their payment on
time, the money will be forfeited and the vehicle will be put back out for sale.
The vehicle remains on the property until the vehicle is paid in full.

Option B: Tax time layaway plan: Available Nov-Jan

This program is similar to option A. The vehicle stays locked up at Action Auto Sales until it
is paid for in full.
Buyer can pick a vehicle and put a $500.00 minimum non-refundable deposit
to hold it. This amount can be more if the buyer chooses. We will hold the vehicle for 90 days
from the date of the deposit and buyer has until the end of the 90 days to pay the remaining
balance. This will mean that the buyer will have the opportunity to get their tax return and use
that toward the purchase of a vehicle. Action Auto Sales does not prepare your taxes for you.
That is the buyer’s responsibility. If at the end of the 90 days the vehicle is not paid for,
the buyer will lose their deposit.

Important features of these programs
1) No credit checks or reporting to the credit agencies. If your credit is less than perfect
or you have no credit, this may be a good option for you.

2) No financing fees or interest is added to the vehicle. The vehicle price, tax, and tag are all you pay.
This is the same as if you paid in cash the same day. Action Auto Sales has no dealer fees.
By not paying interest and financing fees at other dealers, you will save hundreds or even thousands.

3) No penalty for paying the vehicle off early means you are encouraged to pay as fast
as possible and be driving your vehicle sooner rather than later!

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